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Tour Date 1 – The Craufurd Arms – 31st Jan 2015

The Box Ticked at The Craufurd Arms - 31/01/2015The Craufurd is a great venue, and the mix of bands in the back room and bands in the bar always gives you choice of styles.  It was a Saturday night, and we were playing on the bar stage, and we had quite a turnout of people come along to see us.

The stage was ours for the night, so we were able to do a couple of 45-50 minute sets, which was great fun.  We threw a few covers in, but most of the evening was us doing our thing, and it went down really well.  One key point for me was that if there was a dip in the energy during either set, it was when the covers came on, which suggests to me that we can be bolder with our set lists moving forward.

We’ve got photos of the set list somewhere on Instagram, which I’ll find and link to later, but for now, key highlights for me were the two newer ones – Lucky and Every Seven Seconds.  They’re really coming into their own and becoming staples of the live set, and I can’t wait to get in the studio to record them.

We did Kebab Van for Jason (guvnor of The Craufurd) as it’s his favourite song, and we felt comfortable enough on stage to play fast and loose with the setlist when the mood took us.  We’ve got a number of songs that just seem to ‘go’ well after other songs, so while we might have one of them on the setlist, it’s just as likely that Steve (it’s always Steve!) will kick in to one of the others.

It’s good to have people dancing, even if they are the drunkest couple in Wolverton, so thanks for getting down to it.  It’s also great to have people singing along to our songs – that warms the cockles and gives us warm and tingly feelings, so please don’t stop.

A great gig

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