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The Open University – Cellar Bar – March 2014

The Box TickedThe Box Ticked at The Cellar BarThis was planned to be the big album launch gig, which didn’t quite work out, as we didn’t get the CDs back from the printers in time, but it’s a great little venue.  The evening was made rather interesting by what I’ll describe as a ‘slightly confused’ sound man.  He took some 20 minutes to establish that the reason nothing was coming out of the speakers was that his desk wasn’t turned on, and we were relaying on feedback from the crowd to get the sound sorted out rather than him.  Nice guy and all that, but made for a frustrating evening in places.

Having said that, it was a good gig.  We played pretty much everThe Box Tickedything off of the album plus some oldies and a few covers and we generally had a good time. We were playing with The Phil Sky Experience, who were good and seemed like really nice guys.

Highlights of the evening for me were Musical Differences, Plugging Away, Sack and a few others – not a massive crowd by any means, but an appreciative one and a venue that we’ll look forward to playing again in the future.

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