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The Craufurd Arms – Wolverton – January 2014

The Box TickedTo celebrate the ‘turning 40ness’ of Succettes songstress Nicky Bernard, we were invited to play the headline set at The Craufurd to finish off an evening packed with bands and DJs.  It was one of those ‘we’re running late, so any idea of timings is out of the window’ and we were on last, so the odds of getting a full set done were pretty slim.  In the end, we took a spur of the moment decision to make up the set as we went along, and ended up playing a set entirely of covered, which we’ve previously never done under The Box Ticked.  Technically it wasn’t a Box Ticked gig for that reason, but as it wasn’t a conscious decision, and only happened on the stage while we were playing, it still counts.  Probably.  Anyway, what it was was a really good run-through of a mix of songs we play a lot, songs we’d played at rehearsals but that had never found their way out into the real world before, and songs that we’d never even rehearsed.

The latter is always fun, and something that requires a significant amount of confidence or a really drunk audience, and on this occasion, I think we actually had both, which really helped.  There’s no setlist in existence, as we didn’t write one, and I’m not sure any of us are completely sure what songs we played.  I can definitely remember Down in the tube station at midnight, and I seem to remember a medley of Girlfriend in a coma and Only You, though that may have been wishful thinking.  Anyway, it was really interesting to play to a different set of people, and a good time was had by all.

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