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The Brave Old Oak – Towcester

Just a couple of pictures here – if I could find the setlist, then I’d post up the songs we played.  But I can’t.  Because I never use them – I just rely on the others to tell me what song we’re doing next, and if they don’t, then I start playing the song I want to play next, and tell them that they did the setlist wrong.

The flyer for the gig
The flyer for the gig

From memory though, we did:

  • Muse Killer
  • Plugging Away
  • DayDream
  • Kebab Van
  • Corbijn
  • Murphys
  • New Song in the set
  • Sack Me
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
The Box Ticked at the Brave Old Oak
The Box Ticked at the Brave Old Oak

If either of the others disagree, then I’ll make them prove it.  And they can’t!  They can’t I tell you!!!!

Anyway, we had a great night, and got to meet Stevie the promoter from Wildfire Sessions.  We’ve arranged a couple of gigs over the coming months with them, and I’ll post up some info soon.  As soon as I can find the details anyway.

Keep on boxing!

Mick Box.


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