Steve Box

Steve Box
Steve Box

Who is Steve Box?

Real Name – Stephen Owen

What Steve does for The Box Ticked

Hollerer and 6 string hitter

Steve’s Influences

Ray Davies. Pete Townsend. Morrissey. David Bowie 71-80 . Joe strummer. mark e smith. Kirk Brandon. Crass. Scott Ian. Captain beefheart

Steve’s Attitude to Life

If someone gives you oranges make lemonade

Attitude to Music

Leave reality at the door It gets in the way of all the fun

Other Current Bands

  • The Succettes – Guitar and vocals
  • The Fred Perry Combovers – Guitar and vocals
  • The Noids – Guitar

Previous Bands

  • The Ian Frenzy – Bass Guitar
  • County – Bass Guitar
  • Helicopter – Guitar, vocals
  • Flack – Guitar, backing vocals
  • The 34 and a halfs – Guitar and vocals

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