Gig Reviews

The Groovestars Silly Hats Christmas Party – December 28th 2013

Girl In - The Box TickedThe Groovestars are a rather lovely funk/soul tribute act containing a few of our rather good friends, and we’ve opened up for them on a few occasions.  It’s always a really interesting experience, because it’s safe to say that as an original power-pop indie rock type band, we don’t really ‘fit’ with their audience but we usually go down rather well anyway.  It’s always gigs like this when you get the opportunity to gauge how you go down with people who don’t know you – having people shuffling around to songs they’ve never heard before is always a positive sign, and having people mouthing along with the choruses of songs they’ve never heard before is a real vote of confidence, so that was really satisfying.  It’s also gigs like this where you get the well-meaning but ‘not what you really want to hear’ type of feedback of the general British drinking public.  A slightly drunk guy came up to me afterwards and said “I really loved your set – really great stuff”.  I thanked him, and we chatted for a bit and he followed it up with “I loved that stand and deliver song – you should do more like that”.  I know it was meant as a compliment, and I took it as one publicly, but inside, I wanted to assault him just a little bit 🙂  Good gig and full of the Christmas spirit.