See The Box Ticked Live – Saturday 21st April – The Cannon

Yes it’s true!

We’re playing live on Saturday (well Steve and Mick are, but that’s another story) and unless you’ve got a really good excuse and a note from your mum, then you really should be there.  We’ll be playing a mix of old favourites, new covers and brand new original songs, each of which is guaranteed to tickle your fancy*.

It’s at the Cannon in Newport Pagnell – scene of many rather fun Box Ticked gigs in the past – so the odds are in your favour of a fun night.  There are three rather good bands all for less than the price of a pint, which is a damning indictment of the music scene and the cost of beer.  Probably.  

Steve and Mick will be kicking proceedings off about 8:30 ish, followed by regular bill-mates The Fear of Ray, who will themselves be followed by The Zeroes.

More details here – – please share the event, bring friends, like our stuff and all that.

See you there 🙂

* (actual fancy may not be tickled, but if not, then you have to take some of the responsibility – it’s a lot to do with attitude you know!)

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