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Scribal Gathering – March 2014

The Box Ticked - Scribal Gathering  - March 2014
(c) Jonathan Taylor 2014

This was one of those ‘conversation in the curry house’ things where Jonathan Taylor said “do you fancy playing a short set next week” and we said yes.  Scribal is a great gig, and it’s one that we’ve played many times in the past, but hadn’t done for some time.  It seemed like a lovely idea, and Jonathan offered us a slot to close the first half of the evening.  I have a feeling that our first ever gig was at one of the earlier Scribal Gatherings, so for me, it’s always been special, and it’s always an interesting experience to see how we’ve changed.

We’d decided on acoustic and laid back, which we often do for Scribal.  By that I mean that we often decide on acoustic and laid back, but we don’t often actually carry it through – usually the adrenaline kicks in and we play acoustic instruments as if they were electric and ramp up the energy.  But not this time.  We only played three or four songs, but we remained pretty laid back throughout. That was helped somewhat by my strap breaking just before we started, so I got to play a gig sitting down, which was quite nice and really helped with the whole ‘keeping it laid back’ vibe.

We played Musical Differences, Plugging Away, something else and a Keith Top of the Pops cover to finish with, which was Two of The Beatles are dead, which was lots of fun to play.  Anyway, it felt good to be back and we’d agreed to headline the following month, and we were really looking forward to it.

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