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Scribal Gathering – April 2014 – Album Launch

The Box Ticked - Scribal Gathering - March 2014
(c) Jonathan Taylor 2014

This was one of those where it all just went right.  Scribal isn’t a massive event, but it’s a good one.  There tends to be some talented people doing the open mic stuff, and the headline acts always have their work cut out to come across as being dead good.  The feedback we had from everyone there was great, but what was really great about this one was how great it felt on stage.

We played six or seven tracks from the album and everything just felt right.  There were moments where Steve and I were singing at each other, and it all felt worth it.  I get a lot of satisfaction out of what we do musically, and it frustrates me that we’re not sharing our music with a wider audience, but every now and again you get that rather lovely combination of a great audience, a good set and it all just feeling wonderful on stage and this was one such moment.

We played Musical Differences, Plugging Away, Daydream, New Song, Corbijn and Muse Killer, and threw in a cover of Five Years which felt great too.

A great gig, and one that will live with me for a long time – cheers all.

Mickey Box.


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