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And it doesn’t end there (see previous post for context)

We’ve also been recording in a rather exciting new studio courtesy of Pokey Sticks in Milton Keynes – run by our very own Stuey Box.  Having access to Pokey Sticks gives us the ability to record tracks when the mood takes us, rather than having to plan a couple of days in the countryside and it’s given us a great new string to our bow as it were.

Stuey has done some amazing things in the recording world already, and he’s getting better and better each time we record with him.  This time round we’ve recorded two tracks – Plugging Away – a Steve and Mick composition and Muse Killer – a Steve song.  We’ve had a few attempts at recording Muse Killer previously, none of which have felt right, so we’re particularly pleased to get that one sorted out.

We’ve taken a similar approach to the one we take at Angus’s, where we put down the basic track and then build around that – the big test for us was whether we’d ‘feel’ the same and whether the creativity that allows us to turn the songs into more than just a recreation of the live experience would ‘work’.  And we think it did.  There are added benefits too – the pressure doesn’t feel quite so intense at times, and it’s generally a more relaxing experience.

You’ll see/hear/feel the tracks soon.

Mickey Box

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