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MK11 – Kiln Farm – The Box Ticked

The Box Ticked at MK11

We’ve done loads of gigs over the past few months.  In fact, we did a bit of a tally up and realised that we’d done more than thirty gigs last year, which is quite cool for an original band who aren’t really on anyone’s radar just yet.

So let me give you a brief tour of recent activity.

MK11 – Kiln Farm – 7th December 2013

A great venue – probably the best stage in MK and run by good guys.  We supported a Pistols Tribute and a Green Day tribute, which was an interesting mix.  I’d like to think that we share a similar energy and passion as both bands, though we’re obviously a little more laid back at times.  When you’re playing with tribute acts, you’re always going to be up against it, as people are there to hear songs that they know, but we had the full attention of the crowd throughout our set.  The Green Day band were great – scarily young but full of vim and vigour, which would be a great name for an album.  The Pistols were brilliant to be honest – I’d pay to see them anytime.

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