MK Community Fridge Opening

Even the light works when you open the doorThere’s a joke in there somewhere about lights, but I’ll leave you to work one out for yourselves…

One of the strangest gig titles I think we’ve ever had the opportunity to write about, but Community Fridge Opening it was, so play it we did, although it was in cut-down form as Stu couldn’t make it.  Part of a series of events taking place in Wolverton to commemorate something or other, we were situated in the Old Bath House, which contained a number of artworks that were part of an art trail.

I’m not sure we’ve ever played a non-festival gig on a Saturday afternoon and with people regularly walking in, viewing the artwork, dancing sideways at us for a little bit and then moving off to the next stop on the trail, it was certainly one of the strangest.  Having said that, it was surprisingly good fun – sets from The Outside This, Mark Owen (not that one) and Mick and Steve made a strange afternoon fly by.

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