Last Night of the Tour – MK11 – 6/2/2015 – The Lambrettas

The Box Ticked at MK11 - 6th feb 2015When you reach the end of a tour, there are always mixed feelings.  On the one hand, you’re exhausted, and you’re looking forward to a rest from the pressures of touring.  On the other hand, you know you’re going to miss the stage, even if it won’t be long before you’re back up there again.

Well this was our last night of our tour of Milton Keynes, and it was a fantastic evening.  We were truly humbled to have such great things said about us, and the number of people who took the time to come up and chat afterwards, buy a cd or two and let us know they enjoy what we do was genuinely unexpected.  Thank you.

MK11 has a great stage, a great sound guy and great sound.  From a band perspective that’s pretty much all the boxes ticked, so it’s great to be able to just get up there and enjoy ourselves.  As is usual in such situations, the headliners had taken more time than planned to soundcheck, so it was just as well we’re very simple to set up.  Make sure we can hear everything, then let us play a song and that’ll pretty much do us.

First band on were Balloona Bay and I loved them.  Very indie-dreamy-rocky sort of thing – great growling bass sound – gorgeous lead guitar sound – great vocals.  They were really young, so of course I despise them for that, but they really sounded great – when they release something I’ll be buying it.

Second band on were The Box Ticked!  They’re rather good I’ve heard.  Similar set to recent gigs – again, when I can find the setlist I’ll put a picture up, but from memory it was Sack, Plugging Away, Musical Differences, Corbijyn, New Song, Eyeliner, Every Seven Seconds and Dear Colleague.  Steve will correct me if I’m making it up.  There’s something hugely satisfying about seeing people ‘getting’ what you do musically, and I was chuffed to bits to see that while we were playing.  There was a huge cheer at one point, which I’m happy to accept was a direct response to the chorus of Musical Differences, but may have been something to do with the rugby.

I had two people come up and say ‘fishcakes’ to me after the gig!  You can’t begin to understand how much I loved that, and I now have a new life-goal.  I will not be able to die a happy man until I’ve had a venue full of people shouting out ‘fishcakes’ at me.  It will happen 🙂

To the people who said nice things to us after our set, you seriously don’t know how much it means.  We love what we do, and we’re very proud of what we do, and to have people say that they really loved it is really brilliant.

The Lambrettas were headlining, and they’re a good, tight band – we’d been chatting to them backstage and they seemed like really nice guys too, even if they didn’t share the beer backstage.  Or the water.  Or the food. 😉 I was a mod in the early eighties, and Poison Ivy was always on my record player, and I loved hearing it tonight, so cheers fellas.

Anyway, in case I haven’t made the point above, we had a great gig, and can’t wait to play there again.  Great night.  Cheers all.

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