I don’t want to change the world

Scribal Gathering does Billy BraggSo when promoter Jonathan ‘JT’ Taylor messages you to ask if you fancy playing some stuff at a ‘Scribal Gathering does Billy Bragg’ night, there’s only one thing you can do.  You tell him you’re too busy.  So when he keeps on badgering you, eventually you have to say maybe, and when the election gets called so there’s an opportunity to play some Billy Bragg songs on the eve of the general election, then you have to say yes.

Both Steve and Mick Box played a couple of solo tracks each – Steve strapped on his acoustic to do “The busy girl buys beauty” and a Bill Bailey Bragg-esque song who’s name escapes me.  Mick followed on with piano versions of ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ and ‘Saturday Boy’, the latter accompanied by what was perhaps the first live Kazoo Orchestra to grace this or any other evening of Billy Bragg songs.  The evening finished with a full band including Steve and Mick for a rousing ‘Great Leap Forward’.

I wouldn’t call myself a major fan of Billy Bragg, but there are some really great songs in there and it was really fun and inspiring to be part of it – roll on the next Scribal Gathering spectacular.

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