How Do You Find Your Way To The Secret Garden?

The Secret GardenOne of the timeless questions that greater minds than mine have troubled with for millennia, however I know the answer – you go down the ramp opposite where the old entrance used to be to Wolverton Station, start to worry that there’ll be nowhere to turn round, get to the bottom and realise that’s true, accept that you’re there for the duration and just enjoy yourself.  Either that or just follow the signs 😉

Anyway, it was taking place on Mick’s birthday, he was feeling very unwell, it had been raining on and off, so everything augured well for a great gig.  Actually it was great fun – a fairly sizeable crowd who’d brought picnics along and were generally relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Music was providing by the delightful Glass Tears, the delectable Mark Owen, the desirable The Outside This and the delirious The Box Ticked.

We often play ‘no set list rehearsal’ gigs where instead of heavily rehearsing a carefully thought out and structured set, we decide what we’re going to play with a quick chat in the half-hour before we go on.  What we’ve started to do more often recently is a genuinely ‘no set list at all’ gig, where we haven’t even discussed what we’re going to play beforehand.  The set then comes together via a number of routes:

  1. One of us starts playing a song and the others have to a) work out what it is and then b) join in
  2. One of us will announce to the crowd that ‘this next song is…’
  3. We’ll ask for requests and play whatever gets shouted out

This was one of the most fun ‘no set list at all’ gigs I can remember, though I can’t actually remember a lot of what we played – I know that Sack, Kebab Van, Every Seven Seconds and Dear Colleague were in there, and I know we threw in a couple of covers – Don’t You Want Me and Stand and Deliver I think.  Other than that, I have no idea, but someone will probably tell us.  


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