• Gig – Wednesday 8th August – MK11
    Yup – it’s true – we’re gracing the stage of MK11 for the first time in a few years – it’s a great venue and you get three great bands for a fiver.  It’s one we’re really looking forward to – we’ve got some new stuff to play and we’d love to be playing it […]
  • See The Box Ticked Live – Saturday 21st April – The Cannon
    Yes it’s true! We’re playing live on Saturday (well Steve and Mick are, but that’s another story) and unless you’ve got a really good excuse and a note from your mum, then you really should be there.  We’ll be playing a mix of old favourites, new covers and brand new original songs, each of which […]
  • Backstage at the Craufurd
    I know you’re all pretty jealous of the crazy rock and roll lifestyle that persistently unsuccesful original bands lead, and of course you’re right to be – there is nothing more exciting than spending all the money you earn from your day job to fund the job you really love ;-). Anyway, I was organising […]
  • How Do You Find Your Way To The Secret Garden?
    One of the timeless questions that greater minds than mine have troubled with for millennia, however I know the answer – you go down the ramp opposite where the old entrance used to be to Wolverton Station, start to worry that there’ll be nowhere to turn round, get to the bottom and realise that’s true, accept […]
  • MK Community Fridge Opening
    There’s a joke in there somewhere about lights, but I’ll leave you to work one out for yourselves… One of the strangest gig titles I think we’ve ever had the opportunity to write about, but Community Fridge Opening it was, so play it we did, although it was in cut-down form as Stu couldn’t make […]

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