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Scribal Gathering – March 2014

[caption id="attachment_384" align="alignright" width="300"] (c) Jonathan Taylor 2014[/caption] This was one of those 'conversation in the curry house' things where Jonathan Taylor said "do you fancy playing a short set next week" and we said yes.  Scribal is a great gig, and it's one that we've played many times in…

More Recording News

And it doesn't end there (see previous post for context) We've also been recording in a rather exciting new studio courtesy of Pokey Sticks in Milton Keynes - run by our very own Stuey Box.  Having access to Pokey Sticks gives us the ability to record tracks when the mood…

Recording News

Hi all An update on recent recordings that we've been doing.  Back in November, we went into Far Heath Studios to record five tracks that we'd been playing live for some time but hadn't actually got the definitive version down properly. Anyone who's spent time in a recording studio will…